Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sabes Must Have Misunderstood Rowand Deal

Normally when a team signs a Type A free agent such as the Giants did with Aaron Rowand, it would have to surrender its first-round pick to the player's former team, in this case Philadelphia.

Sabean of course was all over the premise of ditching a top 5 overall pick. That truly is 'rebuilding the Sabercat way.'

Fortunately though, as MLB.com's Chris Haft pointed out, "due to their 71-91 record and last-place finish in 2007, the Giants will not forfeit their first-round pick for signing Rowand. They'll lose their second-round pick."

I just couldn't see Sabes knowingly pulling the trigger on signing Rowand without the guarantee of losing a first-rounder.

For once Sabes' stupidity actually helped the club!

Southwest is the Testicles!

Sabean is going to need 4 more years to finish Tuesday's Sudoku.