Saturday, April 12, 2008


Raj Davis, pictured, was one of the few Giants not to commit an error in last night's 8-2 debacle against the Cards at home.

Eight runs allowed, only two of them earned, thanks to some timely moonshine consumed by Durham, Castillo, and Lewis.

Zito pitched about as well as he can, allowing seven hits and one earned through six.

In a season where we need honey-lathered mitts and sniper-scope-modified arms just to win 70, a hat trick of errors in a game is equivalent to missing the cereal bowl with the milk jug... slipping on the puddle and puncturing your spleen.

Cain on the bump today, Lincecum tomorrow. Six runs the remaining two games could easily equate to a series win. Man, I wish the G-men were as easy to watch as CBS' peaceful Masters coverage.

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